Meet the Team


Eli King

Eli King is an eighteen-year-old high-school graduate living in Alabama, USA with his parents and 6 of his 7 siblings. He founded Kingdom Pen in 2011 after nine months of prayer and consideration, and his desire is that it encourage other teens to write to the glory of God. Eli has been writing steadily since age 14, and has completed four novels, several short stories and poems and is working on several more projects with a growing interest in thriller/suspense and action type stories. In addition to writing, Eli enjoys highly-amateur photography, firearms, knife-making and hanging out with friends and family.

You may contact Eli at Kingdom Pen’s main email address,


Associate Editor

Reagan Ramm

Former all-conference high school football player turned writer, Reagan Ramm will graduate from
Ramm Preparatory Academy in October 2012. He has been writing consistently for three years and
has completed two novels. Currently, he is working on several more novels, and plans to continue
studying the art and craft of writing throughout his life. To sample his non-fiction writing on life and
culture, check out his blog: Hybrid Student . In addition to writing, Reagan also enjoys making movies with his siblings, and making music with his indie electronic project, Arcani’s Revenge. Reagan lives in central Ohio with his parents and six siblings.

You can also contact Reagan at

Web Artist and Content Manager

Rachel Ramm

Rachel Ramm, an award winning artist, lives in Ohio with her parents and 6 siblings and is a homeschool graduate. A self-taught oil painter and portrait artist, she is an adventurer, braving the world of art, as an apprentice to Jesus Christ. Rachel gravitates toward impressionism, though she’s studying classical realism as well. She has also started teaching an art class at a classical school. It’s for 6-8 year olds, and is a mix of drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and art history. Rachel is a member of the local Dublin Area Art League, and often participate in shows hosted by the League. Her second passion is homemaking (interior design, cooking, hosting, etc.) Rachel epitomizes the vision of Kingdom Pen with her art work, and her life. Check out her work,, and her blog, Of Love and Beauty

The Novel Review Department

Kingdom Pen’s NRD works hard to provide us with quality reviews of any type of novel for each issue. These reviews are written from solid Christian worldviews and the perspective of fellow writers, along with a critical eye from what we, as authors ourselves, can learn from the stories that have preceded ours to the bookshelves of families around the world.

Hannah Mills

An avid writer and reader, Hannah lives in Indiana with her rambunctious family. To date she has published one novel, and has a number of others in various stages of completion. While she has dabbled in writing fiction and poetry ever since she can remember, it wasn’t until about three years ago that she became serious about it. Now she can’t go for more than two days without writing–or she goes crazy–and carries a notebook almost everywhere she goes. Her goal in writing is to tell stories about Truth; the good as well as the bad, the beauty and hope as well as the ashes and brokenness, stories peopled with characters that seem so real that you can’t help but live their story along with them, and stories that always ultimately point to the Truth that is Jesus Christ.

She has been homeschooled her entire life and is currently working on her senior year of high school. Apart from writing, she also loves reading, art, photography, music, studying everything from Worldview to WWII, and spending time with family and friends. While often failing, Hannah strives to live out her faith in Christ in everything she does and to make it the core of her life and beliefs.

Hannah’s writing website — Sword of Ink

Matthew Lauser, a.k.a. Luke Alistar

Luke Alistar grew up in Washington State, the oldest of nine
homeschooled kids. He became a writer against all odds when he was
fifteen, shocking himself and everybody around him by finally figuring
out what to do with his life. Now he has written over 1.4 million
words: sixteen complete novels and novellas and over a hundred short
stories. He graduated high school at age sixteen and has been saving
up for college ever since.

In addition to being a freelance author, humorist, blogger, and
novelist, he’s also a composer, pianist, guitarist, mandolin player,
singer, amateur actor/filmmaker, carpenter, and more. Special
interests of his include hats, knives, swords, books, music by Chopin,
country music, Porsches, and other cool things that rumble and zoom.
However, his greatest love in life after God is a fellow writer named
Hannah who will become his wife in the summer of 2013.

Offset was Luke’s first self-published book, a novella he wrote in
early 2010 and entered in the One Year Adventure Novel contest, in
which he placed as one of eight finalists out of 115 entries. He
published it in January 2011, followed closely by The Element of
Surprise, a collection of forty comical short stories. In early June
the same year he released an epic middle-grade modern faerie tale
called Velvet’s Wings, illustrated by his then-sixteen-year-old
brother. Later in 2011, he won first place in the annual One Year
Adventure Novel contest with his mystery thriller Snapshots. He also
had a short humor piece published in Writer’s Digest. Luke continues
to write novels and novellas and self-publish, although he is still
trying for traditional publication. His website has links to all his
books, which are available on Amazon and Lulu.

Luke’s blog, running since February 2010, has gathered a strong
readership; he updates it regularly and posts a wide variety of
fiction, nonfiction, poems, songs, essays, book reviews, and articles
on many different subjects. The entire first draft of his wild
speculative fiction novel Subliminal is also posted there.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or raving fan mail,
you can send them to and he’ll reply as
soon as possible.

Matthew’s Blog

Matthew’s Official Website

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