Interested in writing for Kingdom Pen? We welcome your potential submission to the magazine! Please take a moment to read over our guidelines below. If you have any questions or if you are ready to submit, email us at and we’ll review your submission and reply as soon as possible.

(Please feel welcome to copy and/or print these guidelines for your referencing convenience).

Kingdom Pen Submission Guidelines

Kingdom Pen will gladly consider the submission of any articles, columns, short stories, poems, etc. by any fellow writer, especially those of seasoned professionals and teenagers in the field. We do not at this time pay anything for published submissions. We still have some guidelines and rules for submissions, however. Please read this entire listing before submitting.

  • Authors retain full rights to everything submitted.
  • All submissions must be submitted in a clean draft, with as few typos and errors as humanly possible. The editor reads all submissions before publication, but it is requested that he not be used as a typo remover.
  • All submissions must be in English.
  • Kingdom Pen will not publish any article pertaining to the art, craft, or method of writing that has not been written by an author who has completed at least two novels.
  •  All submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier format. No Macintosh files are accepted. Times New Roman font is requested. Put all words of emphasis in italics, not underlines.
  • The official and legal first and last name of the author is required. Middle names or initials are optional. No pen names, please.
  • No article, column, short story, etc, may have any of the following content: intense violence, or any violence other than war/fighting related violence; swearing; any words referring to God that are not respectful; any insults to any current governments, races, nations, persons or government leaders; insults or derogatory comments about any authors and/or their work (use of an author’s work as a counter point example within copyright laws is allowed so long as it is not done in excess and is always done respectfully);  etc.
  • A biography of the author that is between 50-100 words in length and is written in 3rd person point of view is required. It will be published beneath your material. Please include basic information, such as your interests, experience in writing, location (nation required; if in U.S., state is requested, but you may also use just your region), age, etc. An appropriate thumbnail image of the author is optional. It will be published with the biography.
  • The editor retains the right to edit any part or portion of a column, or any other submitted material. He will, however, always inform the author of any changes that are not grammatical in nature, and the reasons thereof, and will not publish the column if the author cannot concur. Authors always have rights to the final say on whether or not changes are made.
  • Kingdom Pen will not share, quote, or distribute in any way any material belonging to any author without first obtaining their written permission.
  • No article will be published if the editor cannot make contact with the author through email or other form of communication if necessary within a reasonable space of time (usually three or four days). This does not mean that the author will be excluded from the newsletter or any benefits thereof, or that they will be prevented from submitting in the future. It only means that their materiel will be dropped for that issue.
  • All submitted work must be the author’s original creation. It must be previously unpublished in any format, including other magazines, private and/or public blogs, ect. Ten days following the release of the Kingdom Pen issue in which your work is published, you are free to additionally publish your work elsewhere.

With special regards to short stories and poetry:

Kingdom Pen welcomes the addition of any short stories or poetry to the newsletter, and will gladly consider any submissions. All submissions must concur with the following guidelines, however:

  • All rules for articles and columns as listed above apply to short stories and poems wherever applicable.
  • No story may exceed 2,500 words in length. No poem may exceed 1,000 words in length.
  • Kingdom Pen accepts short stories and poetry in all genres with the exception of horror and romance. These will not be published.
  • All short stories must have morals, or messages to them. We are not asking for sermons or direct allegories, but we do require that your story/poem have a meaning.

11 responses to “Submissions

  • Cassi

    Is there an age requirement?


  • kingdompen

    Right now there is no age requirement. While Kingdom Pen is geared towards young adult and teen writers, we do accept other age ranges if the content is strong.

    Thanks for asking,
    Reagan Ramm

  • Birdwhisperer

    Do you accept serials? Like, if the word count exceeded 2,500, would you be willing to publish it in two parts? If you liked it, of course.

  • kingdompen

    While we have limited space in our magazine, it is possilbe that we would accept serials. It all depends on the quality of the work. If it’s good enough, we’ll find a way to publish it, either in the magazine, or on our website.
    Thanks for asking.

  • hannah

    I have Microsoft 2007….. could I use that or a pdf format to submitt?


  • Haley

    Can I submit something that I wrote for my personal blog if it has already been published or would it have to be unpublished from anything?

  • kingdompen

    Yes, Haley, we will accept material that has already been published. Ideally, we’d like to publish original material that hasn’t been published anywhere else, however, if we like the submission and we think it fits with what we’re trying to do with a particular issue, then we’ll gladly publish it in the magazine, or maybe just post it on the website.
    Thanks for asking!

    God Bless!
    – Reagan Ramm

  • Jessica Kurtanic Jones

    I am guessing that being 30 is too old? I am a published free lance writer and am looking for some place to submit my work. Thanks for any input.

    • kingdompen

      30 is not too old! Younger writers will take precedence, however, we like to receive content from an older audience as well. We like receiving submissions from older people because we believe it can go a long way in encouraging the younger generation. We prefer that this come in the form of an article or personal narrative, but we’ll publish anything that we think will advance our mission of encouraging young authors.

      Thanks for the question!
      – Reagan Ramm

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