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We Want YOU!

By Reagan Ramm

Kingdom Pen has come a long way. I first heard about it a little over a year ago when it was just starting out and only had 30 subscribers. A friend of mine mentioned to me that Eli King had started an eMagazine for encouraging young authors to write for Christ. I was like, “He did what? That’s incredible!” I never would have thought of starting such a thing, or that creating a legitimate magazine was even possible. Probably because my subconscious would have told me it wouldn’t work, or I couldn’t do it, or it wouldn’t do any good. If Eli had these same doubts, they didn’t hold him back. He was confident God was telling him to start an eMagazine for teens, and that’s what he did.

I jumped on board three issues into it. When Eli began to tell me about the publication and his vision, I was instantly inspired and wanted to join him. My sister, Rachel Ramm, and her award winning artistic talents also joined the project, and then together with our committed writers, we set out to see what God would do.

It’s hard to believe that was already a year ago. So much has changed and God has blessed Kingdom Pen so much. Our subscriber base has increased by over 1,000%, and the list of people who have contributed and helped to make Kingdom Pen improve has also grown substantially. There are so many people we could thank. Some of you, we don’t even know. Some of you have been with us from the beginning—even before I joined—and some of you are just joining us. All of your support has been invaluable. All the positive feedback you have given us has been very encouraging, and has us excited about the future.

Of course, we wouldn’t have made it anywhere had it not been God’s will, and we thank Him first and foremost. Also, any positive impact Kingdom Pen has been able have on our readers is also the result of God, and we feel—with God’s continued aid—that there is still a lot more good that Kingdom Pen can do.

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